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Alberton Presbyterian Church

The Tranquility of the country on the edge of the City
Our Sunday worship service is at 9:30 am.

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Worship during July 2016
It has become his custom in Alberton for Dr. Bob to provide a somewhat more relaxed worship atmosphere during July. He attempts to present the message in some sort of different or innovative fashion. Here is what he has announced so far about his plans for 2016: "Jesus interacted with people with various religious, social, economic and moral outlooks on life. During July I will be exploring those encounters in a sermon series that takes its structure from the old counting rhyme – Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief." Come on Sundays, July 3rd, 10th., 17th. and 24th. at 9:30 am to hear what he has to offer.

Our service on Sunday, June 26th., will provide us with an opportunity to express our gratitude to God for this land that he has provided for us and for us to offer prayers for those who exercise civic leadership in our country. The sermon will be entitled "The Home that God Provided". To hear this sermon select Listen.

Each year Dr. Bob extends a challenge to the members of the Alberton Church community. This year's challenge relates to the Gospel of John. To view the challenge and everthing that you need to participate select Show Me the Summer Challenge.

The Church in the World
After Pentecost 2016 we began a series of services on the theme "The Church in the World." The intention of the series was to look at some of the crucial characteristics of the Church of Jesus Christ and how we may reflect them in the world today. The series included:
May 22nd. - "A Community that Shares"     Listen
May 29th. - "A Community that Cares"     Listen
June 5th. - "A Community that Proclaims"   Listen
June 12th. - "A Community that Seeks"     Listen
June 19th. - "A Community that Preserves the Faith"     Listen

Starting on Sunday, April 10th., 2016, we began a new series of sermons on God the Holy Spirit entitled "Experiencing God." The series continued until Pentecost. For a brief introduction to the series select Experiencing God.
     The sermons in the series were:
April 10th. - “The Spirit Supplies Wisdom”      Listen
April 17th. - “The Spirit Provides Power”    Listen
April 24th. - “The Spirit Inspires Mission”
May 1st, - “The Spirit is God’s Presence"     Listen
May 8th. - “The Spirit is our Hope”     Listen
May 15th. - “Pentecost: The Birth of the Church”     Listen

Other Recent Audio Additions to our Website

To listen to the sermons in the 2016 Lenten series on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ select Lenten Sermons

Easter Sermon    “Jesus: Triumphant over Death”     Listen
April 3rd. - “Resurrection: It`s important to be Sure.”    Listen

Like It Is!   Dr. Bob's audio reflections on life in the 21st. Century (in 3 minutes or less). To access earlier segments of "Like It Is!" and the complete collection of our on-line audio material click on Audio Archives. To listen to an brief introduction select Introducing the concept. Segments include:
"From Darkness into Light"
"Future & Past but ever Present"
"The Family"

Mostly Scripture - Mini Audio Meditations

Dr. Bob has created a series of mini mediations which are, in fact, mostly scripture. Listen to scripture as read from the Contemporary English Version. Dr. Bob precedes each passage with a very brief word of introduction and closes it with a one sentence prayer. The passage being read is also provided in print. To access a list of this material simply select Mostly Scripture.

Do you have questions about the Christian Faith?

While your personal questions are always welcomed, we offer some material that covers many of the basic questions you may have. Simply select   Questions about the Faith

For additional details about our worship services or events listed here please contact us at:

Visitors are welcomed at Alberton Church

Whether you are just passing through, an old friend dropping in to say hello, or someone from the community who is looking for a church home, we want you to feel welcome. Each weekly worship service concludes with an informal gathering for refreshments and casual conversation. We would love to welcome you. For some additional information about us click on Alberton Church

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