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Welcome to our Audio Archives

This is a collection of audio material available on the Alberton Church website.

Sermons in Alberton Church     (The more recent sermons are near the top of the list.)

March 4th. "The Son of God Proclaim."     Bulletin      Listen
February 25th. "May the Mind of Christ my Saviour."    Bulletin     Listen
February 18th . "God of Mercy, God of Grace."     Bulletin     Listen
February 11th. Service was cancelled due to winter weather.
February 4th. "All the Way My Saviour Leads Me."       Bulletin     Listen
January 28th. "My Faith Looks up to Thee.     Bulletin     Listen
January 21st. "Glory Be to God the Father."    Bulletin     Listen
Jan. 14th. - "Word of God Across the Ages"      Bulletin     Listen
Jan. 7th. - "News for the World"     Bulletin      Listen
Dec. 31st.- "Looking Back & Looking Ahead"      Bulletin      Listen
Dec. 24th, - "Love Gets Personal"     Bulletin    Listen
Dec. 17th. – "Joy Renewed"      Bulletin     Listen
Dec. 10th. – "Peace Proclaimed"     Bulletin      Listen
Dec. 3rd. - "Hope Restored"      Bulletin     Listen
Nov. 19th. - "Salt and Light for God"        Bulletin       Listen
Nov. 12th. - "Celebrating What We Believe"     Bulletin     Listen
Nov. 5th. - "Enjoying What We Believe"     Bulletin     Listen
Oct. 29th. - "Promoting What We Believe"     Bulletin    Listen
Oct. 22nd. - "Sharing What We Believe"    Bulletin    Listen
Oct. 15th. - "Being What We Believe"    Bulletin    Listen
Sunday, Sept. 17th., "On Being prepared."     Bulletin       Listen
Sunday, Sept. 10th., "The Perils of Procrastination" (conclusion)     Bulletin      Listen
Sunday, Sept. 3rd., "The Perils of Procrastination" (Part 1).   Listen
Sunday, August 6th., "The Battle of Life"      Listen
Sunday, July 30th., "Our Mutual Friend"      Listen
Sunday, July 23rd., "Great Expectations"      Listen
Sunday, July 16th., "A Tale of Two Cities"     Listen
Sunday, July 9th., "Hard Times"     Listen
Sunday, July 2nd.  "Thank God for Canada!"     Bulletin     Listen
Sunday, June 25th.  "Jesus Represents His People"  Bulletin   Listen
Sunday, June 18th.   "Jesus Restores Hope"     Bulletin     Listen
Sunday, June 11th.   "Jesus Forgives Sin"    Bulletin    Listen
Sunday, June 4th.    "Sharing the Power"     Bulletin     Listen
Sunday, May 28th.    "Exercising the Power"     Bulletin      Listen
Sunday, May 21st.    "Receiving the Power"      Bulletin       Listen
Sunday, May 14th.  "God's Family Plan"   Bulletin   Listen
Sunday, May 7th.  "Gentleness and Self Control"  Bulletin  Listen
Sunday, April 30th.  "The Resurrection Experienced"  Bulletin  Listen
Suday, April 23rd.  "The ResurrectionConfirmed"  Bulletin    Listen
Easter Sunday, April 16th.   "The Crucified is Risen"     Bulletin     Listen
Sunday, April 9th.  "The Messiah Affirmed"    Bulletin     Listen
Sunday, April 2nd. "The Messiah Rejected."     Listen

Sermon Series on the Saints of God
Feb. 19th. - "The inheritance of the Saints"       Listen
Feb. 26th. - "The Compassion of the Saints"      Listen
March 5th. - "The Fellowship of the Saints"      Listen
March 12th. - "The Prayers of the Saints"       Listen
March 19th. - "The Future Hope of the Saints"     Listen


Feb. 5th. - "His Visit to the Temple at Age Twelve"      Listen
Jan. 29th. - "The Family Returns to Nazareth"      Listen
Jan. 22nd. - "Fleeing into Egypt for Safety"      Listen
Jan. 15th. - "The Presentation in the Temple"     Listen
Jan. 8th. - "The News Begins to Spread"      Listen
Jan. 1st, 2017 - "Praying in the New Year"       Listen

Dec. 11th. - "Anticipating Bethlehem: Joseph"     Listen
Dec. 4th.. - "Anticipating Bethlehem: Mary"     Listen
Nov. 27th. - "Anticipating Bethlehem: The Prophets"    Listen
Nov,20th. - "Shaping the Future"       Listen
Nov.13th. - "Always Preparing"       Listen
Nov. 6th. - "Freedom in Christ"      Listen
Oct. 30th. - "God's Church"      Listen
Oct. 23rd. - "Seeking the Trutrh"       Listen
Oct. 16th. - "Friendship in Christ"     Listen
Oct. 9th. - "In Everything Give Thanks"       Listen
Oct. 2nd. - "Communion: Relationship Not Ritual"      Listen
Sept. 18th. - "Being Positive about Faith"      Listen
Sept. 11th. - "Risk Taking: For Fame, Fortune and Faith"     Listen
Sept. 4th. - "Work: Fate or Fulfillment?"      Listen
August 28th. - "Is Peace Possible?"       Listen
August 21st. - "Why?"       Listen

July 2016 Sermon Series
Recognizing that Jesus interacted with people with various religious, social, economic and moral outlooks on life, Dr. Bob explored some of those encounters by means of first person interviews - taking his structure from the old counting rhyme – "Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief."
Sunday, July 3rd, - "Jesus Meets a Rich Man"      Listen
Sunday, July 10th. - "Jesus Encounters the Poor"      Listen
Sunday, July 17th. - "Jesus and a Beggar"      Listen
Sunday, July 24th. - "Jesus Meets a Thief"      Listen

Our service on Sunday, June 26th., provided us with an opportunity to express our gratitude to God for this land that he has provided for us and for us to offer prayers for those who exercise civic leadership in our country. The sermon was entitled "The Home that God Provided". To hear this sermon select Listen.

The Church in the World
After Pentecost 2016 we began a series of services on the theme "The Church in the World." The intention of the series was to look at some of the crucial characteristics of the Church of Jesus Christ and how we may reflect them in the world today. The series included:
May 22nd. - "A Community that Shares"     Listen
May 29th. - "A Community that Cares"     Listen
June 5th. - "A Community that Proclaims"   Listen
June 12th. - "A Community that Seeks"     Listen
June 19th. - "A Community that Preserves the Faith"     Listen

Starting on Sunday, April 10th., 2016, we began a new series of sermons on God the Holy Spirit entitled "Experiencing God." The series continued until Pentecost. For a brief introduction to the series select Experiencing God.
     The sermons in the series were:
April 10th. - “The Spirit Supplies Wisdom”      Listen
April 17th. - “The Spirit Provides Power”    Listen
April 24th. - “The Spirit Inspires Mission”
May 1st, - “The Spirit is God’s Presence"     Listen
May 8th. - “The Spirit is our Hope”     Listen
May 15th. - “Pentecost: The Birth of the Church”     Listen

2016 Easter Season Sermons

Easter Sermon 2016    “Jesus: Triumphant over Death”     Listen
April 3rd. - “Resurrection: It`s important to be Sure.”    Listen

2016 Lenten Sermon Series on Jesus Christ
This lenten sermon series focused on the life of and ministry of Jesus Christ. Rather than just examining individual events in Jesus life, Dr. Bernhardt used the gospel accounts to illustrate the bigger picture of what Christ's life and ministry was all about. The sermons in the series were:
Feb. 14th. - “Jesus: Roots and Beginnings”    Listen
Feb. 21st. - “Jesus: Preparation for Ministry”     Listen
Feb. 28th. - “Jesus: Who he was and what he Said”      Listen
March 6th. – “Jesus: Who he was and what he Did”      Listen
March 13th. - “Jesus: Recognition and Rejection”      Listen
March 20th. – Palm Sunday - “Jesus: The Beginning of the End” Listen

Like It Is!

"Like It Is!" is a feature that commenced in September 2014. Each file is a brief (3 minutes or less) editorial style comment on life in the 21st. Century from a Christian perspective. They are written and produced by Dr. Bob Bernhardt, Minister of Alberton Church.

Jesus selected an inner circle of disciples to have the benefit of sharing closely in his life and ministry. They were to learn from his teaching but they were also to glean wisdom from observing the whole context of what Jesus said and did. Significant details from those events are recorded in the accounts in the Gospels. In this “Walking With Jesus” sermon series we explored some of those Gospel accounts of Jesus' ministry to gain a clearer understanding of even the more subtle implications of what our Lord said and did. For an introduction to this recent sermon series and to listen to the audio files of the sermons select Walking with Jesus.

Alberton Church goes to the Pan Am
Dr. Bob decided to invite the Apostle Paul to visit the Pan Am Games. Learn what the Pan Am Games, the Apostle Paul and the Christian faith have in common. A brief (3-4 minute) audio synopsis is available for each sermon.

July 5th. "Recognizing Your Goal" - for an audio synopsis Listen Now.
July 12th. "Focused on the Prize" - for an audio synopsis Listen Now.
July 19th. "Playing by the Rules" - for an audio synopsis Listen Now.
July 26th. "Persisting to the Finish"-for an audio synopsis Listen Now.
August 2nd. "The importance of the Cheering Crowd" - for audio synopsis select Listen Now.

A Sermon on Parables The sermon on October 26th., 2014, focused on Jesus' use of the parable as a teaching technique. This was part of a series of three sermons based on the parables of Matthew 13. Interest was expressed in this sermon and it is made available here for those who may wish to listen to it again. Click on Jesus used Parables.

Sermon on Church and Community On September 21st., 2014, the Alberton congregation participated in the Christian worship service at the Ancaster Fair. At that service Dr. Bernhardt shared some reflections on the role of the church in the community. To listen to that brief address click on Ancaster Fair.

Mostly Scripture - Mini Audio Meditations

Dr. Bob has created a series of mini mediations which are, in fact, mostly scripture. Listen to scripture as read from the Contemporary English Version. Dr. Bob precedes each passage with a very brief word of introduction and closes it with a one sentence prayer. The passage being read is also provided in print. This small collection of readings will continue to be augmented with additional selections. To access a list of this material simply select Mostly Scripture.