The pews in Alberton Church await the arrival of the people for worship.


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Introducing A Special Place

The Alberton Church.

If you prefer formal worship in a cathedral setting then Alberton Church is probably not for you. However, if you are looking for a church home that resembles the one we are describing here, then we think that you ought to visit Alberton.

What Alberton Church has to offer:

An atmosphere that is not pretentious but cordial, personal and sincere.

A Christian community overflowing with hospitality and friendship.

A Christian community that responds generously to the needs of others.

A charming country church that is as warm and inviting today as when it was built in 1878.

Alberton Church is casual in style and overflowing with hospitality.

A place where casual dress is as acceptable as your Sunday best.

In Worship Alberton Church Offers

Worship services that value the traditional without being enslaved to it.

Worship music that often includes other instruments in addition to piano & organ.

Worship services that include laughter as well as serious reflection.

Preaching that is conversational in style and hope filled in perspective.

A church where the teachings of Christ are applied to life in the 21st. Century.

Each Sunday worship service concludes with fellowship over tea, coffee and refreshments.

There is a Sunday School program offered for children during the worship time.

If these are qualities that appeal to you, we invite you to confirm them for yourself.
We understand that God has been gracious to us and we desire to share the blessings that we have found in Christ with those around us.

Visiting Alberton Alberton Church is situated in a tranquil country setting that is right on the edge of the city of Hamilton. While Alberton Church is located on Alberton Road North the property extends out to Wilson Street and so our building is visible from the intersection of Wilson Street and Alberton Road. Alberton Church is only a 20 minute drive (via the Linc and the 403) from almost anyplace on the Mountain or in the west end of the city of Hamilton.

And, as a bonus, we will always have a parking space for you - even if you arrive late.

To access a brochure with additional information please click on Introducing a Special Place.

The Alberton Church Building

We know that the Church is not about buildings but about people. However, we are blessed with a very inviting sanctuary in which to meet for worship. People have been gathering here weekly for over 130 years and we wish to share the experience with another generation.

A simple cross.
The lamb of God. The cross and crown.

It is very pleasing when the atmosphere of a building is so conducive to the activity for which it was established.