An Alberton sunset. Photo taken from the Alberton church property.


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Some notes on Alberton's History

While it is not our purpose to present a history of Alberton on this site, we would hope to be able to share some interesting highlights of life in Alberton through the years. We draw your attention to the fact that there is also an "Our History" page that relates specifically to the Alberton Presbyterian Church. We know that the history of the congregation and the history of the community are in many ways inseparably intertwined, but we thought that there might be some visitors to this site who for are primarily interested in the wider Alberton community.

There was a brief but interesting sketch of the history of the Alberton community published in a book entitled "Ancaster's Heritage: A History of Ancaster Township" produced by the Ancaster Township Historical Society in 1973. We hope that through this website some people will be induced to share their personal memories, or stories passed down to them by their grandparents, to help complete the picture. We also hope that we may remind some people of family photographs which they may have which illustrate some of the details.

Those interested in the history of the area will also want to make themselves aware of the activities of the Ancaster Township Historical Society which focuses on the larger community of which Alberton is a part.

If you have some stories to share from Alberton's past, please drop us a note with the details. Similarly, if you have any photos that illustrate earlier times in Alberton we would love to hear from you. Contact us at