The silhouette of the Baker farm against the rosy hue of a Spring sunset.


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Community Resources in Alberton, Ontario

In addition to Alberton Presbyterian Church and The Ancaster Senior Achievement Centre, the Alberton area offers a variety of opportunities and resources. To illustrate what the Alberton community has to offer to the world we have chosen to highlight just a few features of the Alberton area.

Not that we are biased or anything, but Alberton does have some wonderful sunsets - as evidenced in the photograph at the top of this page.

Alberton lies within the Ontario Greenbelt established in 2005. This is a horseshoe shaped 1.8 million acre area of permanently protected greenspace that runs all the way from the Niagara area, around the western end of Lake Ontario, and then east past the GTA. Alberton is in a narrow corridor of the Greenbelt that links up the Niagara sector with the portion of the Greenbelt that encompasses Dundas and Halton.

If you are a golfer, there is Heron Point Golf Links located on Dunmark Road. This course has hosted several Canadian Tour events including the 1997 Canadian Masters. And then there is also The Oak Gables Golf Club located at 1505 Highway #2, a couple of kilometres to the east of the village of Alberton. In fact there are golf courses sprinkled throughout the area and these are just a couple that are close to the village of Alberton.

If you like hiking there is The Brantford to Hamilton Rail Trail . Now we realize that this doesn't actually run through Alberton but it is only a short drive over to Jerseyville to get on the trail and from there you can either hike or bike west into Brantford or east right into Hamilton.

Although it is actually in Brantford, there is a Circle Square Ranch (a Crossroads Community Christian Children's Camp) not far to the west of Alberton on Highway #2.

Alberton also is within a short drive of a very pleasant zoo. It is always inviting to spend a relaxing summer day at The Twin Valley Zoo

But no, in case you were wondering, Alberton does not yet have its own Tim Hortons. However, do not despair, there is one just three minutes (6 KM) to the east on Wilson Street at Duff's Corners.

If there are other resources in the Alberton community that you think should be included here, please let us know. Send us the details including a website (if there is one) and we will try to include them. You can submit your suggestions via e-mail to