A view of the village of Alberton as seen looking south from the Albrton Church parking lot.


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The Community of Alberton, Ontario

Though Alberton is a real place and has the road signs to prove it, it is actually a community within Ancaster, which in turn is now part of the city of Hamilton. (Note: Our village of Alberton is not to be confused with Alberton Township, also in Ontario, but which is located near Rainey River and Fort Frances.) Our Alberton extends along a 1.3 KM stretch of Highway #2 (officially called Wilson Street) near the very western edge of the City of Hamilton. It has no conspicuous commercial centre though it does merit a speed reduction from 80 to 70 KM an hour on the highway and has a flashing caution light at the intersection of Alberton Road. There is a small cluster of houses at the intersection of Highway #2 and Alberton Road and the Alberton Church is clearly within sight of the highway on the north side.

The village of Alberton. Click for larger image. To help those who are unfamiliar with Alberton to visualize our community we have included a couple of satellite photos courtesy of the Google mapping system. The photo on the left is a satellite photo of the village of Alberton with the Alberton Church, in the upper centre of the photo identified with a red marker and the Senior Achievement Centre near the bottom of the photo marked with a blue dot.

The Alberton area. Click for larger image. The second satellite photo includes a little more of the area surrounding the village of Alberton. To help you get oriented the village of Alberton is marked with a red dot. The village of Jerseyville is in the upper left hand area of the photo. This view illustrates the fact that Highway 403 parallels Highway #2 (Wilson Street) and actually passes quite close to Alberton. However, there is no access to Alberton Road from the #403 and so anyone traveling to Alberton via the #403 will have to exit at Highway #52 and then enter Alberton via Highway #2.

We do admit that the Alberton area can be rather confusing to newcomers. For example, some people have postal addresses that identify their location as Alberton while others who live not terribly far from the village of Alberton are identified as living in Ancaster, Jerseyville, or even Brantford.

Historically, Alberton was always aligned with Ancaster. However, in these days of more rapid transportation people may choose, depending upon where they live, to access the goods and services they require in Ancaster, Hamilton or even Brantford.