The wooden cross on the chancel wall in Alberton Church.


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Celebrating Our Faith

Many symbols are used to represent Christianity. The one that best exemplifies what Christianity is all about is the symbol of the cross. A simple wooden cross is displayed prominently on the chancel wall in the Alberton Church. It is always present to help us remember both the life and the death of Jesus Christ. He is the one to whom our allegiance is pledged in worship and in prayer. He is the one we call Saviour and Lord. The teachings of Jesus Christ shape our aspirations for living and his words and example provide us with the courage to face death. The cross represents it all.

It needs to be noted that within the church we use the word "faith" in more than one way.

Sometimes our references to "faith" refer to what we understand God to desire us to know and profess concerning himself and his relationship with the human race. In that usage, our "faith" refers to our theology. Of course, our theology also represents the values that we aspire to reflect in our lives and promote in the world.

However, often when we talk about "faith" we are actually referring to the boldness and courage required to trust God. We admit that our experience is that life is a constant struggle to recover the boldness to live out in real life situations the convictions that we profess. We are quite conscious that it is easier to talk about what we believe than it is to live as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

When the people of Alberton Church meet together for worship both these aspects of "faith" come into clearer focus. In worship we remind one another of what it is that we believe and then we consider together how those convictions ought to impact our lives each day. The value and power of being part of a community of faith is then experienced as we encourage one another to take the next step of faith so that we may more faithfully reflect God's grace in the world.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada, of which the Alberton Church is a part, has produced a statement of faith that sets out our shared understanding of what the Scriptures teach and how Christianity is to be understood and practiced. That document is called "Living Faith". Living Faith expresses in ordinary, non-technical, language what it is that Canadian Presbyterian Christians believe. We invite you to read and consider this statement of "our faith". It will allow you to understand more clearly who we are and how we think. And, who knows, perhaps it will motivate you to come and visit our fellowship. And, if it does, you know that you will be made most welcome!