Part of the Guatemalan display that cathie and Carol created to share their experiences with the people of Alberton Church.


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Nothing can replace the first hand, person to person, connections that are established when people actually meet and work together on a project. For example, two people representing the Alberton congregation went to Guatemala in the summer of 2008 to share in the rebuilding of a church there. Their experiences were a rich blessing to them and to the people they shared this experience with in Guatemala. However, not all our human connections can be in person. Some of them must be by less personal means such as by mail or phone or even via the Internet. While the Internet may have acquired many negative connotations it is, in the hands of godly and caring people, a marvelous tool for the sharing of critical information, creative ideas and mutual encouragement. To assist you in such creative and positive use of the In tenet we have provided some links that we think will prove to be both interesting and useful.

We begin by drawing your attention to a more elaborate collection of Internet links published on PresbyKirk - the website of our parent organization, the Presbytery of Hamilton. The PresbyKirk Library is a great place to browse.

Some Other Presbyterian Links
Camp Kintail
Women's Missionary Society
Presbyterian Archives
National Presbyterian Museum

Some Christian Mission Links
Canadian Bible Society
City Kidz
Galcom International
World Vision

Of course, this is a very short list of links. These sites are here primarily to illustrate the wonderful material that is available to us today via the Internet. Enjoy exploring! If you have discovered a few links that you would like to share with others just send them to us and we will try to include them.