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Introducing our Minister

Though he gets his name on the sign, the Minister is certainly not the most important person in the Alberton congregation. Admittedly, the Minister does play a significant role in shaping the leadership style of the congregation. However, the real life and vitality of the congregation comes from the people who make up its membership and from their relationship with Jesus Christ. The minister's name on the sign is just a convenience for the benefit of visitors. The message on the sign in front of Alberton Church that is much more important than the name of the Minister is the final line - "Everyone Welcome"

The Alberton Congregation is currently served by the Rev. Dr. Robert Bernhardt.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Bernhardt - Dr. BobDr. Bernhardt, who is formally retired after more than 30 years as Minister of Chalmers Church in Hamilton, has been with the Alberton congregation since 2008. (In addition to his responsibilities in Alberton Mr. Bernhardt also serves as the webmaster for PresbyKirk - the official website of the Presbytery of Hamilton of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.)

Though his family roots were in this area of Ontario he actually grew up in a rural area of Quebec south of the city of Montreal and near the U.S. border. He senses many similarities between Alberton and the community of his childhood. His university and theological education were completed in Montreal and Philadelphia. Appropriately, the focus of his Doctor of Ministry degree completed in 1996 was "Mobilizing for Mission: Rejuvenating a Traditional Congregation."

In keeping with the informal style of the Alberton community, he is often referred to and addressed simply as "Dr. Bob."

Dr. Bob as JosephWhile worship is always serious and respectful, that does not exclude the possibility of some smiles and laughter. In July of 2009 "Dr. Bob" began a previously announced sermon series based on the life of Joseph. As a little surprise for him, some of the women of the congregation created a suitable "coat of many colours" and presented it to him prior to the first service in the series. He accepted it with smiling appreciation and, to the delight of many, wore it to deliver the Joseph sermons during the remainder of the month.

It has now become something of a custom that each summer "Dr. Bob" does something a bit unusual in preaching. The style is always informal but the objective remains to be that of helping us to understand the faith more clearly and to reflect it in our lives.