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Tech Support and Helpful Tips for Using this Site

Helpfultips graphic Some Helpful tips for getting the most out of our website.

Finding Your Way Around We have tried to make navigating on this site as simple and straightforward as we could, though we will no doubt yet find ways to improve that. There is a series of Navigation Tabs on the left side of every page. These navigation tabs lead to all the major sub pages of the site. There are also several links at the top of each page. In addition to these Navigation Tabs the Home Page has some additional services and links in a column on the right hand side.

Links Most links on this site are set so that they open in a new window. When you have finished consulting the material on the link simply click on the standard "close" button in the top right hand corner of the window. You will then be returned to exactly where you were when you clicked on the link in the Alberton Church site.

Rollovers This is just a jargon word for the fact that when you place your cursor on a photo or link on this website that your browser will provide you with a small explanatory text box. Putting "rollovers" on photos is a fairly common web design practise. However, we have also chosen to put "rollovers" on many of the Internet links that we have provided. This allows us to give you a little additional information about the link before you actually click on it.

Enlarging Photos Some of the photos on the website are available in a larger format for clearer or more detailed viewing. To determine whether a particular photograph is available in a larger format simply place your cursor on it. If your cursor turns into a pointing hand there is a larger format photo available and you simply click on the photo to access it. Also, the "rollover" text should instruct you to click for a larger image.

Links to Documents Some of the links on the site are to documents rather than to other websites. These documents are in a file format known as Portable Document Files (PDF). You can recognize a PDF document because the file name ends .pdf. Most computers these days are equipped with software that is called Adobe Reader which allows you to open, read, download and print PDF files. However, if your computer will not allow you to open these files then you will need to download and install a free copy of Adobe Reader.

Printing Pages of the Alberton Church Website Sometimes it is useful to be able to print out the information on a particular page of a website. When you do that on some websites you end up having to print out all the sidebars and extra details that appear on the page. This website has a neat print feature in that when you print out a page from the Alberton Church website what you get in your printout is only the text material from the central column of the page. This makes your printout very neat and much less confusing and you don't use up all the coloured ink in your printer If you wish to download or print out a particular graphic or photograph from the Alberton Church website then read the next note.

Downloading and Printing Photos from the Alberton Church Website On occasion there may be a photo or graphic on our website that you would like to have on your own computer or be able to make a print of for your own use. The specifics of how this can be done depends a little on the particular web browser that you are using on your computer but the general instructions are as follows; Place your cursor on the photo or graphic that you want to download. Press the right hand button on your mouse. This should provide you with a drop-down list of options that includes something like "Save Image as". Click on that option and the photo will be downloaded to your computer and you can then print it out in the same manner as you print out other photos from your printer.

Photographs and copyright: While we are on the topic of photos we ought to say a word about copyright. Most of the photos on the site were taken by Robert Bernhardt who has designed and who maintains this site. (Any other graphics used are believed to be in the public domain.) We hope from time to time to include photos that others have supplied. In those instances there will be a note at the bottom of the page crediting the source. Though these undesignated photos are the property of Robert Bernhardt he has no objection to their being used for non-commercial purposes (though he would appreciate a credit being given to this website). If you are in doubt about the right to use photos and information that may appear on this site, please drop us a note. We will be as cooperative as we can because we are sincerely interested in promoting the Alberton Church and the Alberton community.