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Community Events in Alberton, Ontario

There are two major venues for community activities in Alberton. In addition to Alberton Presbyterian Church there is the Ancaster Senior Achievement Centre that is located right in the village of Alberton. However, there are also events in a somewhat wider area around Alberton that we would be happy to promote on our website.

The Ancaster Senior Achievement Centre located in Alberton. The Ancaster Senior Achievement Centre located at 622 Alberton Road South is a hive of activity and many people from the wider Ancaster area come to Alberton to participate in its many and varied programs and activities. To the people of Alberton it is generally referred to simply as "the Senior's Centre". The Senior's Centre offers a whole variety of social, educational and recreational activities. We won't attempt to describe their program in detail but, if you are unfamiliar with the Centre, visit their website and discover the great range of activities that they offer to their members (55+). Check out the Ancaster Senior Achievement Centre

If you are part of a church or community group in the general area of Alberton and you wish to promote a project or activity we would be happy to post a notice here to help you tell the world what is happening. Send us the details of who, what, why, when and where and we will try to give your activity a bit of a boost. You can send your notices via e-mail to