The Canada Post delivery boxes located in front of Alberton Church.


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Contacting Alberton Church

Well, if you happen to live in Alberton then contacting Alberton Presbyterian Church is the least of your problems. The church can be seen from almost anywhere in the village. What's more, there is a Canada Post community mailbox right in front of the church and so many people in Alberton actually stop by the church just about every day to pick up their mail.

However, that doesn't solve the problem for most of the people who will be using this website. So we want to give you a variety of options for getting in touch with us.

Contacting the Church
The mailing address for the Alberton Presbyterian Church is: 528 Alberton Road, Alberton, ON, L0R 1A0. There is no administrative office in the church. There is a phone in the building which is available for outgoing or emergency calls but the number of that phone is not publicized. Telephone or e-mail contact should be made via the Minister.

Contacting the Minister
Mail may be directed to the Minister at his residence address which is:
The Rev. Dr. Robert Bernhardt, 54 Callie Rd., Hamilton, ON, L9A 2A1.
His telephone number is 905-574-0096.
His personal e-mail address is

Contacting the Web Site
Communications specifically related to this website may be directed to the Minister, as indicated above, or sent via e-mail to:

Contacting Key Church Leaders
The Clerk of Session of Alberton Church is Mrs. Ann Lukey. Correspondence for her may be sent via the Church address as indicated above.

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