A Note to Parents

These games are hosted on websites that are outside our control. We have tried to be very careful in our selection. However, if any of these links should ever display any material that causes you concern, please advise us Immediately!

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Also, we have tried to avoid linking to games websites that appear to glorify violence or which are primarily interested in selling things to kids. Your children do not need more of either of those things in their world.

Some Things to Explore

This page was created on the instigation of a granddaughter who was resolute in her conviction that the Alberton Church website needed to have a fun page for children. RJB

Meet Paisan our mascot. Click for larger image.

Meet Paisan our mascot (that's pronounced "PIE-ZHAN" ),
Click on his picture for a larger image. For more information about Paisan click on Meet our Mascot.

Calvary Kid's Pages A site prepared by Calvary Baptist Church in Williamsport, Pa. It includes games and activities for children.

Jigsaw Puzzles. If you like doing puzzles this is the one for you. Choose from a variety of pictures and then select your level - anywhere from easy (6 pieces) to almost impossible (64 pieces). And, if you find a favourite puzzle you can share it with your friends. You will need to use your mouse to move things around.

Animal, Jr. An interesting site with a number of colouring pages and word search games. Just click on Animal, Jr.

The Oregon Zoo Video Collection is an interesting collection of videos about animals that is designed for children.

Crossword Puzzles Not exactly a little kids place but there have to be some compensations for older folks too.

PBs Kids Interesting games and activities for children.