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It's Official: Our Website has a Mascot

In the country almost every farm has a dog. So it seemed right that a country church website that wanted a mascot might just choose a dog too. Now we were cautious because taking care of a dog is a lot of work and they eat a lot too. So, we have decided to adopt someone else's dog and let them keep feeding him and taking good care of him for us. We will just try to give him a bit of loving attention.

Important Medical Update on Paisan

Original Post: Saturday, January 31, 2015, with several updates.
About ten days ago Paisan was out for a walk with Sil when they had an encounter with a Fisher. Fishers are uncommon but quite lrge and savage members of the weasel family and it is fortunate that Paisan managed to avoid being bitten. However, as a consequence of the incident Paisan suffered what was diagnosed as a rupture of his Cruciate Ligament. Thanks to Al and Sil, Paisan received immediate veterinary care. However, the reality is that this type of injury requires surgery. Consequently, on Wednesaday (Jan. 28th.) Paisan was taken to the Alta Vista Animal Hospital in Ottawa for surgery on Thursday. The surgery was successful and we extend our thanks to Dr. Julius Liptak who performed the surgery and to the whole surgical team at Alta Vista. Appreciation is expressed for the way that surgical staff members Mandy and Brandy kept everyone informed about the details and the provisions for aftercare. Paisan is now back home in Kingston where the next 12 weeks will be spent doing Re-Hab at home. Stitches come out in 10 days (and the cone that keeps him from picking at the wound can come off). In 8 weeks, another set of X-rays will be taken to ensure that everything has set properly. Please drop back here for updated reports on the progress of Paisan`s recovery.
Update: Feb. 14th.: Paisan has had his stitches removed and he accepted the procedure without a murmur or protest. He is making a wonderful recovery though, of course, it will be awhile before he is quite back to being his agile self. Paisan, we are sending you a Valentine's hug.
Update: March 12th. The word is that Paisan is doing well. His running isn't quite back to normal but that will come. He is scheduled to have another set of x-rays to confirm that everything has healed as it should but it appears that Paisan is well on his way to a full recovery. A pat on the head for Paisan.

Meet Paisan our mascot. Click for larger image. Meet Paisan our mascot (pronounced "PIE-ZHAN" ),
Click on his picture for a larger image. Actually, Paisan is not a resident of Alberton (which more or less guarantees that we will not have to feed and care for him). Actually, Paisan lives in Kingston, Ontario. But he does have some Alberton credentials because his owner, Al Smith, grew up around here. The banner picture at the top of the page is Paisan's (and Al and Sil's) new home.

It is Official: We are so pleased! We have asked and permission has been given for us to adopt Paisan as our mascot. We have even been assured that this page of the website has been shown to Paisan and that he made no comment but did wag his tail. So, since the adoption is official, expect to see more of Paisan in the days ahead. We have been promised more pictures and updates on his life.

Paisan Celebrates His First Birthday (April 14th., 2010)
Here are the photos of Paisan enjoying his birthday cake. The only thing that seems to be missing is a shot of him blowing out the candles - but then, perhaps dogs just aren't up to blowing out candles. In any case, we hope that someone did remember to tell Paisan that he could make a wish!

Paisan waits for his birthday guests to arrive. Click for larger image. Paisan samples his cake. Click for larger image.

Paisan digs right in. Click for larger image.

Paisan with whipped cream on his nose. Click for larger image.

Paisan already weighs 80 pounds so the cake couldn't be larger.

An update posted on October 10th., 2009.

Paisan is growing like a weed ! Yes, Paisan is a very happy dog ! He now shakes hands, and truly enjoys meeting new people. Sil takes him for long walks and both Sil and Paisan love to play SOCCER !! Paisan loves to play "fetch" too ! He also loves the Water ! A week ago Paisan decided that since the swimming pool is now closed up for the season that the Fish Pond at the front of the house looked like a good source of water. Al and Sil had turned their heads for only a minute, and then when they looked back there was Paisan , submerged up to his neck, laying in the pond with the gold fish and frogs and with what seemed like a very big grin on his face !

On October 16th., 2009, Paisan will be going to the Vets and have that procedure done that "fixes" him up. While that is being done, they will also be putting a identification chip into him, so that should he ever get lost with no collar or tags, they can still tell who he is and ensure he gets home safely. The Kingston Mills Veterinary Hospital has been AMAZING. Their Staff all treat Paisan so well. Paisan actually ENJOYS going to the Vet... as they are so nice to him. The Staff have also looked at the Alberton Church Website, and have been thrilled to see Paisan's picture !

Update on Oct.17th. We have received the word! Paisan has had his surgery. All went well and he is back home to recuperate. We will, of course, be sending him a get well greeting from the website.

And, we are delighted to have some new photos of Paisan to share! A new photo of Paisan our mascot. Click for larger image. A fellow gets tired after all that running and fetching. Click for larger image. Settling in for a night's sleep with Winnie The Pooh. Click for larger image.

Paisan is Ready for Christmas

As you can see Paisan looks pretty confident that he has been a "good dog" and fully deserving of some Christmas treats.